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What causes a person to suffer from an eating disorder?

The exact causes of eating disorders remain unknown.  Still, due to their complexities they are more than likely a combination of biological, psychological and environmental factors.

In hindsight, both forms of eating disorders (anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa) are highly complex diseases. Both requiring holistic approaches to obtaining the correct, customised form of treatment required in facilitating optimal recovery.

With an eating disorder, food is often not the actual problem!  It is merely the drug of choice.

With the majority of eating disorder sufferers, there certainly are several common overlapping characteristic traits amongst all of our childhood stories and even our own respective personality types. Below are a few commonalities which a large percentage of us may possibly share:

    • An eating disorder can often be disguised as an underlying mental disorder of some sort (e.g. Depression; Bi-polar; severe mood swings)
    • Poor self-image
    • Fear of gaining weight
    • Not feeling “good enough”
    • Fear of disappointing a loved one
    • Exceptionally high expectations and standards
    • Often the father, or father figure in the family, demands a great deal of not only himself, but of his family as well
    • The parent could rely on their child to become their own emotional support (should they be experiencing a e.g. divorce/bereavement)
    • The child does not possess the adequate life skills to be able to cope with the life changing event occurring in their life. (e.g. divorce/bereavement/abuse) And so they comfort eat and food becomes their drug of choice. Food then becomes their own emotional support

The South African Despression and Anxiety Group
Cresent Clinic

Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too.

Our words reveal our thoughts. Our manners mirror our self-esteem. Our actions reflect our character. Our habits predict our future.


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