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When to see a Doctor?

Eating disorders occur when people become two focused on their weight, body shape and food and develop dangerous, life-threatening eating behaviours.  Eating disorders can cause detrimental damage to the heart, digestive system, mouth & teeth, oesophagus which can also lead to other diseases.

If you are binging and purging and/or misusing laxatives; diuretics or enemas twice a week or more. You would greatly benefit from seeking advise from medical professionals who specialise in eating disorders.

Bulimia nervosa (often referred to as, "Bulimia") can become extremely addictive, within an incredibly short period of time and destroy your life. It is also a disorder which you alone, cannot recover from independently. If left untreated, the greater the severity of the life-threatening health implications.

In my opinion, if you have bulimic symptoms, seek medical help immediately!


The South African Despression and Anxiety Group
Cresent Clinic
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